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Hi, I am Luca elleuca Ferretti, pleased to meet you. Most probably you are here because I gave you the URL for this page.

If, instead, was Google to drive you here… oh, gosh, I must finish this website ASAP!


I am from Rome, Italy. I am currently in Rome, but tomorrow… who knows. I am in love, all days of the week, not only Friday.

At dusk, after a nice marocchino coffee, I switch from professional Quality Assurance Coordinator, to Open Source contributor. You heard about Open Source, didn't you? No? Well, you can start here or here.


A well behaving web page should provide links, you know. You can find links to my presence on web clicking on top blu buttons. I hope you will enjoy it.

Oh, yes, there is an inviting green button below, use at you please.

Yes, this page is still a work in progress, but new version is yet under testing.

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